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Celebrating Hearts Day

How did someone like me celebrated Heart's Day? Well, I watched a movie, I ate chocolates and spent the day with my loved ones - at home. Yeah, I did not go out on a date with someone for the reason that: 1.) I don't feel like it - I'm too lazy to go out knowing that lots of people are celebrating and populating every place that you can imagine. 2.) I want to save myself from the trouble of choosing someone to go out with and then feeling guilty for not accepting the invitation of others. 3.) I rarely go out on a date unless it is with my girlfriend which I do not have as of the moment.

So how did my day go? We watched the movie "The Grudge 3" using my older brother's PSP since we do not have electricity yet at home. I ate the chocolates a friend gave me on a day I could no longer remember. And the most fun part, I believe, is that when we had a mini raffle on the chocolates that a relative abroad sent us. And why would we have such a silly activity? Because some of the candies include flavors that we do not want. So to avoid any disputes or possible confrontations, we decided to draw lots on who would receive which. I listed our names and the candies on the pieces of paper and put it in a box. I think doing so woud be fair enough for everyone. Everybody would have the chance to get or avoid the unwanted candies. Top in the list of the dreaded candies is the "Hot Tamales". It is a chewy cinnamon candy that looks like a red capsule pill. Cinnamon?? I am not a fan of cinnamons...Who the hell invented those candies, anyway? Cinnamon? As candy? Who would like to have cinnamon as a candy??? On top of it, no one in our home likes cinnamon. And it is a relief that I am not the one who got it. But because of curiosity (always convincing myself that there must be something good about this flavor) I tried one. It tasted sweet at first because of its sugar coating then it tasted a bit spicy (maybe that is where the name "hot" came from) then it blasted the scent of cinnamon in my mouth with a unexplainable flavor! I tried to like it so I thought maybe it would taste better if I would chew it since it is a chewy candy so I did. But I was wrong, terribly wrong. The flavor became worse that I threw up... How can they call such horrible thing as candy??? (Hahaha!)

Then we had a filling dinner by candle light... It is not like we set up a romantic dinner or any effect because it is hearts day, we do not have electricity, remember? (Hahaha!) and off to bed we went...


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Have you felt sometime in your life that you are growing tired of the foods that you eat? It's like you are eating the same selections of food - fried chicken, burgers, pizzas, pastas, fried noodles, fried egg, other varieties of "fried", fast food, fast food, fast food... It doesn't taste real anymore... I want to eat real food! And not just food, but something that would really satisfy my taste buds... Something that doesn't taste like the usual stuff.. It should taste like the way it should taste...

And it's really hard to find someone who cooks very well. Most people doesn't know how to cook besides frying, instant and no-cook foods, and boiling water! And there is nothing left for me to do but to learn how to cook and create my perception of what a food should taste like! woohoo!

The first thing I did was to make a list of ordinary foods served at home and it should be somewhat easy since it would be my first time to cook the dish. First in the list was pork adobo - the all-time Filipino favorite. I asked for the recipe from my friends who are moms and put a twist into their combined recipes. I combined their ideas as well as my idea of how it should be cooked. During the first-half of the cooking process, I thought it would go fine since it was starting to smell and look like adobo but the pork was not yet tender so I let it boil for a while and when I lifted the cover, my adobo went BLACK!

I just shrugged since it is expected that I wouldn't get it the first time. And I plan to bring it to office since I promised it to my friends. I went to sleep and when I woke up, BANG! It has gone missing! The people in the house ate it all and nothing was left for me...

But in every failures lies a success. After a week, I decided to cook chicken tinola, which is second in my list. After I bought a whole chicken at the grocery store and some vegetables in the market, I tried to cook the dish and I can say that it was a complete success! (cartwheel!) Let's see if it would be the same result with the third dish in my list...


"Life is too short to be spent on sleeping"... - Yarchaoni

Think about it... Actually, it is not really a very intellectual quote from me because it is just my excuse for not falling asleep... Of course I get tired but my body won't just give in... So better experience life and do something you like...


It happened when I got so bored and decided to stroll the mall. I went to an arcade and then BOOM! I really enjoyed it especially when I discovered that I can actually get stuffed toys in the crane! I find it satisfying whenever you can see something held in the crane and for the thought that you can have something cute that you can bring back home... It also poses as a challenge since it is kinda hard to pull the toys out of the pile...
I visited other branches of Timezone and found that there are people who are actually good at it! It inspired me and had a goal in mind, I would also strive to be the master of the crane! hahaha! I know it requires skill, strategy and A LOT OF MONEY! But at least you have CANDIES! AND A LOT OF THEM! hahaha...

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Beware, Be Very Aware!

I heard a news that our former classmate in college has done something not so nice. He allegedly stole something from Mother Bird and Duffy Duck. Duffy Duck told me her story through text and according to her, the mischievous creature borrowed her cellphone to insert his sim card to check for something. Since he is an old friend of hers, she agreed. Then after a while, he told her that he would just buy something outside, and boom! He never came back, never to be seen again... Mother Bird's case was a classic. Her purse was stolen in her own house the day that monster visited her.

I can let him pass for that incident because maybe he really needed the money that time though he betrayed the trust of his friends. But he attempted something darker and more evil than I can imagine. And I could not let this one pass - he attempted to exploit Duffy Duck for the sum of P2500!

I was really bothered when I learned about this that I would like to see his bleeding face on the floor! I do not know if he still knows what he is doing... I mean, it's insane! How could someone do such horrible thing to an old friend?!

Blessing In Disguise

I received a 2days-suspension as a disciplinary action for my attendance. And I don't regret it instead I am excited about it. And I'm not the only one feeling this way. We are all looking forward on serving our suspension because it is our chance to take a break from our stressful work. So when my boss would inform an employee in the company that he/she is to be suspended, they would have a big smile and excitedly ask when... Since vacation leaves needs approval and filing ahead of time does not assure you that it would be approved so suspension is a sure way to break away from work. Others would even envy those who got 5 days suspension!

Do Not Spit Outside The Window

One of the bad habits of Filipinos is spitting here and there and everywhere! That is why you would often see the yellowish-greenish fluid on streets and sidewalks in its different shapes, sizes and shades. Some people would even spit and step at it like crushing a cockroach... Some would produce sounds of "AAKKKRRRRKK... pwoo!" as they forcefully let out their sticky phlegm. Think about it, flies would also feast on that fluid and would land on your nose... hehehe...
I had a terrible experience with that habit of spitting while I am riding a jeepney back home... We all know that
most of us, if not all, looks out at the window while we are riding a jeepney. I do the same, I enjoy the view while waiting for me to recognize that it is time to pronounce the magic words "Ma! Para po!"...
In front of me is a woman (actually, she is sitting beside me that time) and while the ride is moving, she spat outside the window! And the air carried some of
its particles that landed on my right cheek! Oh, morning sprinkles! At least I'm thankful that it did not land on my lips! hahaha!

The moral lesson? Do not spit just anywhere and if you cannot find a trash bin, better swallow it then spit it
later! hahaha!


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We have no calls as of yesterday because we are having "systems update"... It has been a while and everytime a customer calls in, we tell them to callback after two hours. Some customers would really wait after two hours and when they call us back, they would just to hear us say the same thing! hahaha! And that scenario went on for about eight hours! This is life! No irate calls, low AHT, and stress-free shift! But most of the agents were asked to log-out for an hour without pay. And most of us are willing to.

And as I am writing this, we are in callback mode again for billing issues. Though I feel a bit embarrassed when they call and they would complain that it is the same thing we told them 2 hours ago, but there is nothing we can really do... I even heard that one customer told another representative "if I callback after 2 hours, would you be telling me to callback again for another 2 hours??". At the back of our minds, "actually, yes! and you have to live with it!" =P


While I am doing my groceries, I happened to pass by the juice section and something caught my attention - carrot juice. I like raw carrots and I can only imagine how it tastes like if it is in a juice form. I was intrigued of what a carrot juice tastes like so I bought one liter of it in tetra pack. I brought it home, chilled it in the fridge and...

... I opened the lid, removed the protective foil seal and slowly poured it in my glass making it half-full of the orange liquid. I smelled its aroma and the smell of root-crop filled my nose. I slowly took a sip and... Wow! Is this really made of carrots or sweet potato??? I offered some to my brothers and sisters and they could not take it... not even a second sip! Hahaha!


I received a relay call awhile ago and it is my first time to receive such call. There is an operator that would mediate the conversation between me and the customer. Before we started the session, the operator explained to me what relay call is all about and how the conversation would flow. I need to speak slow as the operator types in what I am saying and after each statement, you would end it with "Go ahead". The operator would also relay the customer's reply and end it with "go ahead". Much like of a communication on radios that you need to
When I was in the call, it's like I was absorbed by the moment. I have to patiently wait for a reply and when I answer, I often forget to end my statement with "Go ahead" so the operator will say "operator here, is it a go ahead?".
Operators would not introduce themselves with their names but with numbers. I believe those guys are trained in typing each word very fast and in real time. That must be very tough... I wonder if they also receive irate customers...r

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Hey! Hey! Hey! IT'S ALREADY OUT!!! Congratulations to those who succeeded the December 2007 Nursing Licensure Examination! This calls for a celebration! woohoo!

For the list of the successful examinees, follow the link below...


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 New Year's Eve of 2008. The sky is painted in sparkled colors and filled with sounds of laughter, music and fireworks. Everyone is getting drunk and filling themselves with the feast they have prepared. The barbecue is on the grill, the ham is neatly carved, the pasta with its tasty sauce, the stuffed chicken is roasting perfectly in the oven, the sweet and milky taste of salad that melts while you chew, and other mouth-watering feast on a table beautifully decorated.

The countdown begins and when the clock strikes twelve, everybody would yell "Happy New Year!" with hopes that the year would be prosperous for them. Grapes are hooked on doors and windows, lucky charms and furnitures are arranged in accordance to feng shui, coins are scattered on the floor, candies are given to kids, 7 round fruits are on the table, tikoy and rice cakes are served to symbolize close family ties.

And then the real fun begins, you light up the fireworks and watch it sparkle and explode in the sky. And the streets are filled with noises of horns, trumpets, clashes of iron kitchen pots, screams, and with every loud sound you can imagine. Little children hop their way with their sparkling wands (lusis) and their bright smiles while they write their names on walls...

And where am I when all of these are happening? Unfortunately, Im at work! Badtrip!

Morning of January 1 - I am walking alone towards home from work and I could only see traces of last night's celebration. It looks like the street sweepers have done their job earlier because the streets are incredibly tidy and the "residues" of the New Year were piled up in the corners ready to be collected by the garbage truck. And as I was walking, I can only imagine what transpired on the streets and how happy the people had been.  After I arrived home, I could only see some leftovers and just asked them how was their celebration.

Brighter Side of the Story!

My family spare me a few fireworks so I could experience it myself! Woohoo! Now I have the chance to celebrate New Year! They saved five mother rockets for me that symbolizes "I love you very much". It is really weird and very corny but the thought is kinda sweet...
And I lighted up those fireworks at around 11 pm of January 3rd when the night is so quiet and calm and everyone is fast asleep... The best time for me to celebrate my own New Year! Whooohooo! ( too bad I haven't got any pictures of myself celebrating with the fireworks... hehehe...)

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What is the best thing to do after using up most of your brain cells in answering next-to-impossible questions? Meet up with your friends and drink until you drop!

And what do you need to do when you are getting fed up with work that you seem like you lost in touch of the outside world besides your work? Give it up and file for a vacation leave at the workdays you hate most! So I scheduled my off last Saturday and Sunday and made the most of it in every possible way... I slept! hahaha...

Well, I really did not spend all my time sleeping and just watching the world pass me by. I had a schedule with my friends last Sunday and it was totally wrecking fun! I never heard from them from some time and it's nice to be with them again. It brought me back to the old college days that we used to share...

We drank tequilla ( where I have learned that it is extracted from cactus! whoah!)and we also had some beer and the clear drink that I forgot the name. I think its Mojito...

I only had a couple of shots because I really don't like what happens to me when I drink liquor. I am painted in red like all of my blood is running to my head and sometimes my skin is covered with polka dots!

what do you think would happen when birds get intoxicated with alcohol? Well, I honestly do not know because I'm too busy throwing up all the time! (hahaha! just kiddin'...) That is the reason why I limit my alcohol intake to avoid that embarrassing moment. I haven't experienced becoming so intoxicated yet because before I do, I end up staying beside the toilet bowl or the kitchen sink...

We had long hours of conversation to catch up with each other's lives and I feel rejuvenated that day. It has been months since I last saw them and I admit that I really missed their presence. We talked about the mind boggling questions of the board exam, about our relationships and past relationships, revealed secrets that were kept untold during old school days, had a nerve-wrecking debate on relationship issues, shared each other's opinions and plans for the future, about our careers, and filled the house with our boisterous laughter.

We stayed up late until about 4 AM while others are down and making their way to dreamland. There is also someone who seems like he is arguing with someone in his dream and he is speaking in english! How cool is that? hehehe...



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 I just got my Nurses Professional License at the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC) at around 10:00 in the morning of  November 16, 2007.

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"I keep my thoughts inside me but it does not mean that you are not appreciated..."

I am not that open when it comes to my feelings and I find it hard to express myself with those kind of things but this time,  let me try and make it up to those I owe my thanks.

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Chapters In A Day

By: Yarchaoni

May 11, 2007

So much happened to me today that I decided to divide it into three chapters. But of course, this is just a summary.

Morning Chapter


At around 6:00 AM in the morning, the loud ringing of my phone awakened me. My very close friend, Rose Ann, called me to ask if I would accompany her in filing her requirements for the Nurses Licensure Examination at the Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). I said yes because that was my plan since we have already filed yesterday. She is the last "bird" to file for her application because of some delays of her Transcript Of Records (TOR). The Registrar’s office lost her TOR from her former school twice! And the worst thing is that the registrar passed the burden to the student! So my friend did all the footwork.

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